About Architecture West inc.

For 24 years the firm has specialized in new and remodeled residences and commercial buildings.

Architecture West, Inc. is an architectural and engineering firm established in 1986 in the Los Angeles area. The firm specializes in sustainable architectural design for residential and commercial construction.

Architecture West is striving to create a environmentally focused design practice that minimizes its negative effects on the environment.

Architecture West offers the services of professional engineers and licensed architects. The firm offers their clients a full range of services including civil and architectural engineering, architectural design, agency processing and advice, energy calculations, computer drafting, site plan preparation, and construction observation.


Our Services are customized to the specific needs of our clients. We provide high quality architectural design and complete architectural services from the initial state of conceptual design through construction administration.


Architectural Design, Strategic & Master Planning, Site Analysis and selection, Construction Administration, Facilities Management, Value Engineering/Life Cycle Costing, Interior Design, Scheduling, Cost Control
Thorough site analysis of climate, ground, zoning requirements, solar orientation, and winds.
The design phase includes sketching, computer modeling and physical modeling.
Present Design to client.
Construction documentation phase. Coordinationg with engineers to compile a set of permit drawings.
Work closely with contractors to ensure clarity of the proposed design.